Respiratory Therapy

Phone: (405) 527-2253

Department of Cardiopulmonary Service

Cardiopulmonary department is a specialty area working in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and cardiac disorders. Medical direction is provided by many physicians. The department is staffed with trained Respiratory Care Practitioners and dedicated to the goals of Purcell Municipal Hospital. The purpose of the Cardiopulmonary Department is to provide treatment to patients who may benefit from the diagnostics and therapeutic procedures by the department. Services will be provided in accordance with the orders of a physician and is available to all patients seven days a week 24 hours a day. The scope of Cardiopulmonary services include:

Oxygen therapy
Aerosol therapy
Aerosol oxygen tents
Patient education
Chest physiotherapy
Pulse oximetery
Patient critical care
Neonate and pediatric care
Cardiac resuscitation
Electrocardiograms (12 lead ECG or EKG)
Cardiac stress tests or exercise tolerance tests
Pulmonary function tests
24 hour or 48 hour holter monitor tests